‘You people shouldn’t wear a mask!’ Woman’s Pick n Pay tantrum goes viral

We’ve got a live one: Video footage of a shopper’s ‘mask meltdown‘ in a Pick n Pay store has gone viral this week, after the woman confronted staff and told them to remove their face-coverings. Her behaviour has prompted a demand online for the supermarket to take action against this unruly customer.

On Thursday, a clip of the incident had already been viewed thousands of times on Twitter. The woman is politely asked to put her mask on, but instead, launches into an inaccuracy-riddled rant about Constitutional rights. Not only does the shouting shopper defend her choice to go maskless, but she also demands that workers remove their PPE.

Customer with no mask causes havoc

The offender then begins waving a piece of paper about, quoting an article from June 2020. A North Gauteng High Court did rule that *some aspects* of lockdown were unconstitutional – but there was never a full-scale removal of restrictions, and the guidance on wearing masks in supermarkets has remained ever-present since the winter.

She continues to bother staff, and abruptly states that ‘you people’ should not be complying with the regulations. Despite getting one other person onside during her chaotic protest, the actions of this customer have been roundly condemned.

Watch: Pick n Pay shopper has mask meltdown

Demand for ‘appropriate action’ to be taken

An exact date hasn’t been provided for this video, but the footage has picked up plenty of traction this week. A slew of social media users have made their grievances clear with Pick n Pay today, telling the retailer to react appropriately:


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