Yes, it’s happened again – another truck has found itself stuck under the now infamous Muizenberg Bridge in Cape Town.

At this point it isn’t clear when exactly this happened, but if the latest social media reports are anything to go by, this occurred on Thursday, April 8, 2021.

Some have called it the “truck-eating bridge,” for obvious reasons and while there is a sign as you approach the bridge which clearly specifies the height limit of 2.5 metres, it seems that has done little to prevent some of these potential disasters.

In June 2016, the City of Cape Town introduced a 3D laser detection system priced at over R200 000, at the railway bridge, to prevent vehicles from crashing into it.

The system uses an infrared laser beam to measure the vehicle’s height and load. If the vehicle is in the turning lane and higher than 2.5 metres from the road’s surface, a warning system is triggered at the intersection.

A signboard with high-power LED lights flashes to warn the driver not to proceed.

Muizenberg Bridge: Here are a few past incidents

Over the past few years, social media users have shared their images of a number of trucks found stuck under the Muizenberg Bridge.

Colliding with the bridge in Atlantic Road not only endangers lives, but it also causes significant damage to city infrastructure and deployment of human resources at the cost of the taxpayer and results in unnecessary traffic congestion in an area that leaves limited capacity to accommodate alternative routes.

On a number of instances, drivers have been photographed trying to deflate the tyres of their vehicles after getting caught underneath the low level structure.

By 2018, the City of Cape Town said at least two trucks were falling victim to the low bridge – which they added, was still a problem, given the inconvenience and the risk to public safety.


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