Winter Movie Preview: 15 Movies to Keep You Inside and Out of the Cold

It’s starting to get cold outside and as we head into the winter months, what better way to seek shelter than head to the cinema. Here is a new batch of movies coming out that we hand-selected for your viewing pleasure:

1. Cats (Dec. 20)

The start of winter officially begins on December 21. Tom Hooper‘s much-anticipated Cats will have just landed in theaters. His big screen version is an adaptation of Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber‘s long-running Broadway musical, starring a bunch of Anglo favorites including Dame Judi Dench, Sir Ian McKellen and Idris Elba. The story revolves around a tribe of street cats, spanning one single night.

2. Little Women (Dec. 25)

Little Women is another classic that has stood the test of time. Moviemakers keep going back to this coming of age story, with director Greta Gerwig being the latest to retell Louisa May Alcott‘s semi-biographical story. Gerwig has recruited an all-star cast, made up of Saoirse RonanEmma WatsonFlorence Pugh and Eliza Scanlen, to portray 19th century women in pursuit of their best lives.

3. 1917 (Dec. 25)

Sam Mendes directed the 2012 and 2015 installments of the Bond movies. He unexpectedly decided to step down, and make this film instead. As such, there are a lot of eyes on his war drama 1917. It tells the story of two British privates (George MacKay, Dean-Charles Chapman) on a mission to deliver a message into enemy territory during World War I. You’ll definitely recognize a lot of the actors, including Benedict Cumberbatch, Mark Strong, Andrew Scott, Richard Madden and Colin Firth.

4. A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon (Jan. 10)

Creator Nick Park‘s Shaun the Sheep, which received a 2016 Oscar nomination  for Best Animated Feature Film, is getting a 2019 sequel, Farmageddon. Shaun is back and he has a run-in with… a spaceship. In the teaser trailer, we see Shaun beamed aboard an alien spacecraft. But, rest assured, Shaun gives out an excitable, “Woo hoo!” as they fly away. He’s not frightened, but instead, embraces the adventure ahead.

5. The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle (Jan. 17) 

British author Hugh Lofting‘s character Doctor Dolittle is heading to the big screen once again, this time with Robert Downey Jr. in the title role. You probably know the story of Dr. John Dolittle and his ability to speak to animals, as he’s been around for a while. This isn’t a modern retelling like the 1998 version starring Eddie Murphy as the chatty doctor, but goes back to Victorian England, the setting of Lofting’s stories. You can also listen for Emma ThompsonMichael Sheen and Ralph Fiennes providing voices for the animals.

6. The Gentleman (Jan. 24)

Director Guy Ritchie is getting back into the business of making mobster movies, with 2020’s The Gentleman. The story revolves around an English drug lord (Henry Golding), who is trying to sell off his empire to a billionaire from Oklahoma (Matthew McConaughey). Hugh Grant‘s character Fletcher narrates the above trailer, saying he can’t get specific about who the “heroes and zeros” are. You can also look for Downton Abbey‘s Michelle Dockery, who appears to be calling the shots behind closed doors.

7. The Rhythm Section (Jan. 31)

You know we love a good killer-for-hire story. Blake Lively is the latest to step into the femme fatale role, starring in the film adaptation of British author Mark Burnell‘s novel series. She plays a woman in mourning, having just lost her family in a plane crash. But, it turns out it wasn’t an accident. She goes after the people who are responsible for bringing down the plane. Actually, correction, she’s not being paid for this… it’s pure revenge.

8. The Lodge (Feb. 7)

Richard Armitage stars as a single dad in the horror-thriller The Lodge. With his ex-wife recently deceased, he takes his two children and new girlfriend (Riley Keough) on a trip to the country. The kids do not like the girlfriend and blame her for their mother’s suicide. Things get even more complicated when they learn the GF’s father was responsible for a mass suicide. AND their father was a lead reporter on the case. It’s not clear who the baddies are in this story, which makes us want to find out.

9. The King’s Man (Feb. 14)

If you’re a fan of the Kingsman movies, now you’ll get the origin story. In the prequel, also directed by Matthew VaughnRalph Fiennes portrays the Duke of Oxford. He takes on a young recruit by the name of Conrad (Harris Dickinson) and shows him the way of the spy game. You can also look for Charles Dance, Rhys Ifans and Gemma Arterton.

10. Ordinary Love (Feb. 14) 

Liam Neeson has cornered the market on action flicks, so it’s been a minute since we’ve seen his softer side. In the new movie Ordinary Love, he and Lesley Manville portray a married couple, with Manville’s character being given a breast cancer diagnosis. He thinks they’re going through it together. But she, being the one with the disease, disagrees.

11. Emma (Feb. 21)

Jane Austen‘s Emma is getting a retelling with the new feature film by the same name. Anya Taylor-Joy will be doing the heavy lifting, taking on the title role. But, she’s not going it alone, with a supporting cast packed with Anglo favorites including Bill NighyMiranda HartCallum Turner and Rupert Graves. Set in 1800s England, Emma Woodhouse is the Queen Bee in her sleepy village. She takes pride in knowing everyone’s business and is not shy to get involved. So much so that she takes it upon herself to matchmake some lonely hearts.

12. The Invisible Man (Feb. 28)

Elisabeth Moss (The Handmaid’s Tale) is set to star in Leigh Whannel‘s The Invisible Man. It’s being deemed a remake of the 1933 version, which is based on the H.G. Wells novel, but there have been some updates to the story that make it a bit different. She portrays an abused wife, who leaves her husband in the middle of the night. He is so distraught that he kills himself. Even so, she still doesn’t feel free of him. But, as the name of the film suggests, he’s not quite dead… just unseen.

13. Wendy (Feb. 28)

Peter Pan has had the spotlight for so long. Now it’s finally Wendy’s turn to tell her version. J.M. Barrie‘s story of the boy who never grew up has been reimagined by writer-director Benh Zeitlin (Beasts of the Southern Wild) and his sister, Eliza. Devin France stars as Wendy Darling, who is stolen away to a land where no one ages. Peter will be there, too, played by Yashua Mack, but the story is told through Wendy’s POV. This is Zeitlin’s first on-screen project in eight years.

14. Onward (March 6)

Two modern-day teenage elf brothers (Chris Pratt, Tom Holland) set out on a journey to look for magic. They live in a town that has unicorns and pet dragons, so there’s no shortage of enchantment, but they are in search of something specific: Their father died when they were little and they’d like to bring him back for one more day. This sounds more Stephen King-esque than Disney, but we’ll go with it.

15. Hope Gap (March 6) 

Bill Nighy and Annette Bening star as a married couple who are uncoupling. Nighy’s character is the one to pull the plug and leave his wife of some 30 years for a younger woman. Bening, being the rejected spouse, is completely caught off guard and understandably pissed. Even so, she seems to take it in stride and provides some comic relief for this somber topic, like when she says she’d rather be a widow than a divorcee.

What’s going on your watch list?

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