Radio 94.7 presenter Euphonik has taken to Twitter, to air his grievances over the rape charges filed against him and fellow broadcaster DJ Fresh last week. The pair were previously granted anonymity, but on Saturday, both men revealed they were facing a criminal complaint each, via a joint statement.

Euphonik stirs controversy with Tweet to SAPS

Although DJ Fresh has been relatively quiet since the case was opened, Euphonik couldn’t resist taking a thinly veiled swipe at the authorities. He bemoaned the progress of SAPS’ investigation so far, asking them to share more details.

“Hi, SA Police Service [@SAPoliceService on Twitter]. Not sure who we can talk to, but we’re waiting for a case number and eagerly anticipating details… Thank you.”

Euphonik on Twitter

What next for DJ Fresh and fellow rape accused?

Acting Primedia CEO Geraint Crwys-Williams has also issued a statement on the matter. The company owns the 94.7 brand – and they have made their beliefs perfectly clear, declaring that ‘the law should be allowed to run its course’.

“Fortunately when we engaged with both DJ Fresh and Euphonik they had reached this conclusion on their own. It was a shared view by Primedia and 94.7 that it would be prudent for them to come off-air so that they could address this matter.”

“In this instance, I don’t think that public pressure was required. South African Police confirmed today that a case been opened and within a matter of 12 hours they are no longer broadcasting. As I understand it, they have stepped back from all public engagements for the rest of the spheres of their lives.”

“We have made it very clear that we are in the hands of the authorities and we look forward to dealing with this as expeditiously as possible in the interest of both the victims and DJ Fresh and Euphonik. We are convinced that [authorities] will do so and reach the just conclusion.”

Geraint Crwys-Williams


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