A video of animal rescue workers giving a drink of water to a thirsty baby tortoise in the wake of the devastating Cape Town Fire has gone viral on social media.

The video depicts team members from the Devils Peak, Vredehoek Neighbouhood Watch on their knees holding the baby tortoise as it sips water from a small plastic bottle lid.

The video can be watched here:

This lastest  video emerged on social media after earlier reports that the Cape of Good Hope SPCA Inspectors had  searching the scene of the fire for injured animals.  Inspectors have been searching for injured and distressed wildlife in areas on Table Mountain that are still smouldering hot, undeterred by the shoe melting heat.

Cape of Good Hope SPCA, spokesperson 

Belinda Abraham earlier described the fire scene as “heartbreakingly traumatic” for the organisation’s inspectors.

“In the aftermath of the fire, we are now seeing the first signs of life and loss. Searching the areas for any form of life has become heartbreakingly traumatic as the charred remains of the several different species we come across tell the story of immense suffering. Overcome by smoke then turned to charcoal. Those that survived, give us hope,” she said.

She said that by Tuesday the only wildlife the team had found that showed any signs of life was a solitary snake.

“This first sign of life has given us the hope we needed to continue believing and continue searching. 

“Our past experience has taught us that wild animals will often return to their area’s of origin, where they had burrows or nests and we are looking out for these animals too, whose feet no doubt will burn on the hot ground,” she said.

She urged Cape Town residents to keep shallow containers of water in their gardens and to call the SPCA to report any displaced or distressed wild animals.

There will be drop-off points for donations of fresh fruit, vegetables and other supplies at Absolute Pets stores across the city. Donations can be dropped a the following branches:

  • Flamingo Square
  • Welgemoed
  • Cape Gate
  • Gardens
  • Cavendish
  • Constantia

Or alternatively, to make a cash donation, follow this link: [http://bit.ly/AP-SPCA]


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