A video posted to Twitter on Wednesday 11 December 2019, shows three armed men stepping out of a white Mercedes-Benz to rob a shop in Mountain View, Pretoria. 

Three videos were posted, two of the robbery inside the shop and one video from outside where the men can be seen getting out of the Mercedes-Benz.

Watch: Three armed robbers target business

What can be seen in the videos 

In the first video, a man and woman are doing their shopping and there is one person that appears to be an employee behind the till on the left side. 

Suddenly, one man comes rushing in and jumps over the counter to get to the woman. She does what he says and shows him where everything is. A second man comes in holding what appears to be a second employee, in front of him by means of a weapon. 

He then leads the second employee behind the counter where he makes him unpack the cupboards.

At this stage, you’re wondering where the third armed robber is. If you watch the video carefully, the first two men conduct most of the robbery. 

It is only when the second robber goes outside, that the third comes inside, in his place. He can be seen taking a basket from one of the trolleys to place stolen goods in it to transport it to the car.

The second robber comes back inside where all three men can be seen on video. 

In the third video, the two men can be seen getting out of a white Mercedes-Benz. The car then reverses out the parking where the CCTV camera tried to get a clear shot of the number plate. 

Twitter reactions to the video 

“They ain’t afraid to be seen even. Yhuuu this country.”

“Is that customer hiding behind his wife?”

“have been a victim of a few robberies and they were very violent and life-threatening. Without condoning this crime, I think these guys should be commended for their humanness. I don’t think the victims in this store will suffer PTSD, which would have been a future catastrophe.”

“These CCTV cameras are useless. People gotta invest in high HD camera or nothing at all. Now we can’t see anyones face.”

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