Could this fella not have waited another two minutes? A goalkeeper in the top league of Ecuadorian football has ‘exposed himself’ to controversy this week – after he picked an inopportune moment to relieve himself. The senior professional was caught urinating behind his goal, and he could now face a ban of up to six months.

Ecuador’s ‘number one’?

Joaquin Pucheta was shown a red card in Ecuador’s Serie A for nipping behind his goal and pulling his shorts down. His team Macara were beating last-place Orense 1-0 at the time – a scoreline that would not change despite the chaos on the horizon. According to the online newspaper Primicias, local media reported the following:

“Joaquin Pucheta went behind the advertising boards and urinated while the ball was in the opposition half. At that point, Orense players and management complained to referee Roberto Sanchez, who ended up giving the goalkeeper a straight red card.”

“The goalkeeper was sent off for unsporting behaviour,” El Comercio reported in its online edition. Midfielder Segundo Portocarrero, who had scored his team’s winner, took over in goal for the dying seconds of the match.  Pucheta faces a suspension of three to six months under Ecuadorian league rules.

Television footage captured only the moment of the Argentine’s dismissal in second-half stoppage time. He was seen remonstrating with the referee, before eventually being ushered off the pitch by his teammates. At least he earned himself an early bath, but with these antics, we doubt anyone would want to be the next one in after Pucheta…

Watch: Goalkeeper sent off for urinating during a game


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