WATCH: Ryan Reynolds Interrupts ‘Free Guy’ Interview to Sell Merchandise

You can look for Ryan Reynolds in the forthcoming action-comedy Free Guy, also starring Killing Eve‘s Jodie Comer (yay!). Part of their job as actors is to “sell” the movie, by going to red carpet events and taking part in sit-down interviews.

It appears Reynolds is taking his side-hustle quite seriously and going as far to sell the shirt off his back.

When he and his fellow cast members were asked what attracted them to the project, Lil Rel Howery said it was the people. Comer agreed. Stranger Things actor Joe Keery said it was the script. Reynolds’ answer was slightly different, to say the least.

He responded: “I just fell in love with this blue shirt!! No, seriously, it’s made from 100 percent breathable cotton and for the next two minutes only $19.95.” Not just the shirt, his name tag and tie are also available, as seen in the below clip:

If you’re scratching your head, thinking, “What’s going on here??,” you’re not alone. Even Comer asked him, “Why would people want merchandise for Free Guy?” Side-note: we didn’t love it when Reynolds told her to “zip it,” but we trust Comer has a handle on that.

The plot for Free Guy might help explain Reynolds’ oddball behavior in the above. While the storyline is pretty vague, we do know Reynolds plays a bank teller who comes to the realization that he’s actually an NPC (non-player character) in a video game. It has to be unsettling to learn he’s not actually real and even worse to find out he’s not even a lead character.

An NPC isn’t completely non-consequential, the action characters can sell things to the NPC to make money. OK, now it’s all making sense, why Reynolds is selling his personal belongings. Well, kind of. It turns out a “real” trailer will release tomorrow (December 7) and may help fill in the blanks.

Update on Monday, December 9: And, as promised, here’s a look at the feature trailer:

In the meantime, do you like the concept of the movie?

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By Brigid Brown


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