The Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) announced that is launching an investigation into an incident that appears to have taken place in Limpopo. A video of a suspicious-looking exchange between a Limpopo Traffic Police officer and two civilians surfaced on the internet earlier this week.


In the 32-second video, the traffic police officer and two men walk over to the service vehicle. The larger of the two civilians appears to have his wallet in hand and all three of the individuals seem to have their eyes fixed on it.

The man and the traffic officer appear to exchange an item – although it is unclear what the item is, as their backs are turned towards the camera. The traffic officer climbs into the driver’s seat of the vehicle and the civilian flashes some sort of card at a different officer before inserting it into his wallet. The pair of civilians then cross the road and the video ends. All the while, the people recording the video clip are chuckling with laughter.

“We have launched an investigation into this incident,” said the RTMC in a statement on Friday, 28 May.

The traffic management corporation encouraged any member of the public who has information on the identities of the pair of civilians to get in contact with them. The RTMC was not very forthcoming about the nature of the investigation and tagged Minister of Transport Fikile Mbalula in the tweet.

Social media opinion was divided on the exchange. One faction of users insisted there was nothing wrong, as they did not see any money exchange hands, while others thought it was a cut and dry case of bribery caught on camera.

“Corruption will never end in this world, the traffic officer in Limpopo was caught receiving a ‘bribe’,” said one Twitter user.

Another replied, “’[R]eceiving bribe’. Did you witness the exchange? Or perhaps you have a video other than the one you just posted?”


Presh JM Reporter

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