A Mango flight from Johannesburg to Durban turned into something of a horror flight on Monday afternoon when the aircraft experienced a “depressurization” incident.

A video, supposedly of one of the passengers, has also been making the rounds on social media. While the video was shared by journalists in relation to the flight on Monday, Mango spokesperson Sergio dos Santos said he could not confirm the source of the video.

Warning: The content contained within this article features graphic imagery/audio which some readers may find disturbing.


Mango Airlines tweeted on Monday, confirming the incident. It did also say that the flight landed safely in Durban at 15:04 and nobody was harmed. 

“Mango can confirm that flight JE251 from Johannesburg to Durban experienced a depressurisation incident during the flight. The aircraft landed safely and the crew disembarked passengers accordingly,” it said. 

“We have referred the aircraft for further technical investigation and we will communicate further once the investigation is concluded. We continue to cooperate with authorities on this investigation and any other pertinent matters. We regret the inconvenience,” it added. 


While the video is relatively short, it still manages to show the level of panic among passengers, and no doubt those watching the video too. While the young man recording the video appears to be calm with an oxygen mask over his nose and mouth – even showing a peace sign at one stage – a child can be heard sobbing in the background.

The child cries hysterically and asks; “Mommy, what’s going on?”


According to Dos Santos and the Mango technical team, depressurisation is the loss of cabin pressure. When asked how a loss of cabin pressure would affect passengers, he said he could not answer that until the incident was fully investigated. 

According to express.co.uk and a pilot, a loss of cabin pressure can result in a loss of oxygen. The pilot told the publication that the aircraft then needs to be lowered to a safe altitude where everyone can breathe normally. 

The pilot also recommended what passengers should do in such a situation.

“I would advise not to panic as the crew are trained for it. Put your oxygen mask on and try to remain calm,” he said.


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