Watch: Million-rand McLaren mangled in major Cape Town crash

All the gear, with no idea. A Cape Town McLaren driver has become an unwitting viral star – after he was involved in a major smash that wrote his supercar off. However, sympathy was in short supply for the man behind the wheel.

The McLaren 720S commands a seven-figure fee – so this promises to be a painful read for all your petrolheads…

The car was completely wrecked in the crash – Photo: Arrive Alive

Driver mocked for crashing expensive supercar

The clips capture the savage banter coming from across the road in Green Point. The motorist snaps back when someone calls his mangled McLaren a ‘rich man’s toy’, telling the crowd that they could ‘never afford a car like this’. However, the reckless racer is reminded by a pedestrian that they’ve just ‘wrapped it around a tree’. It’s a return ace, in our book.

The commotion on Helen Suzman Boulevard also involved a Lamborghini. The cars were allegedly ‘showing off’ together down this well-populated Cape Town highway, before one of the drivers lost control. Emergency services were summoned to survey the scene, but thankfully, the only injury to report here was a severely bruised ego.

Watch: McLaren driver smashes his car up in Cape Town

  • And, here’s a second angle…

Cape Town crash rattles McLaren 720S

After sharing the videos, road safety agency Arrive Alive also distributed some salient advice: They contend that incidents like these serve as a stern reminder for owners of these supercars to get some comprehensive insurance in place. Of course, the premiums are costly – but they’re not nearly as steep as the price buying yourself a new McLaren:

“For many sports car owners, the car insurance premiums will remain a costly necessity. This is something they cannot go without – but also something to have a significant impact on their finances.”

“Many car insurers do not offer tailor-made products for these vehicles or recognize special factors that reduce premiums. It will remain important for sports cars to consider with caution the insurance offerings – and pay close attention to finding the best cover for their needs.”

Arrive Alive


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