Mbalula came under fire for scouting the traffic from a helicopter during the launch of a festive season road safety campaign on Thursday 12 December 2019.  

The launch started in Maubane before moving on to Harrismith Airport in the Free State.  

A Department of Transport tweet read: “Minister Fikile Mbalula will tomorrow launch the festive season road safety campaign with a national shutdown of major routes around the country.” 

Mbalula himself tweeted: “We are on all roads today in full force. I’m here in Maubane with home affairs border police, national and metro police, we have SARS and all law enforcement.”

Accompanied by a hashtag #liveBeyondDezemba

“We are done with Maubane, we’re off to Harrismith now. I thanked our officers on the ground for the good work they do,” Mbalula added. 

Road safety by helicopter? 

Mbalula claimed to be the “Holy Spirt” of traffic.

Mbalula said: “I’m the traffic Holy Spirit today,” to which a Twitter user responded: “You are not on the streets, you are in a helicopter mos.”

Another user said: “Hope you’re not heading for Dubai again this festive?” 

“Fix the potholes on our roads and stop showing us your pictures in a helicopter,” added another user.  

“The minister prefers to use a helicopter and the roads are in shambles” 

Twitter user

Watch: Fikile Mbalula tackles roads by helicopter

Findings of the festive season road safety initiative

The quirky minister, who always jokes with residents and on Twitter, didn’t pass up the opportunity to make people smile. However, some worrying findings surfaced during the road safety initiative. 

“First stop Maubane: Our police inspected more than 360 vehicles. A bus with six kids undocumented was caught and the kids will be taken to safety,” said Mbalula. 

“We are witnessing many cases of young kids being transported without documents, no parents,” said Mbalula. 

“A taxi with no breaks, taken off roads,” he added. 


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