A trip to the bank did not end well for at least one customer, as they found themselves being followed by criminals, who eventually robbed them. Part of the incident, which took place on the N4 highway in Pretoria, was captured on what is believed to be the victim’s dashboard camera.

The clip is posted on anti-crime activist Yusuf Abramjee’s Twitter page.

The man is heard screaming, seemingly in response to what sounds like gunshots being fired towards his car. The vehicle then stops and just seconds later, a white BMW pulls up in front. Several masked men then emerge from the vehicle holding massive guns and head approach the victim’s car. One of them then remerges into the camera shot holding a large bag, presumably with money before they all get back into the BMW and speed off.

Watch: N4 highway robbery

It is believed that the victim had made a large withdrawal – there’s no word on how much exactly, however if the robbers’ efforts are anything to go by, it must have been a pretty substantial amount.

South Africans have reacted to the video, many suggesting that the bank teller who helped the man make the withdrawal may have tipped the robbers off.

Some in the comments section wondered why the man had even stopped in the first place. In response, others suggested that his tyres may have also been shot.

Crime on the country’s major highways and routes are nothing new. Just recently, Tshwane police warned motorists passing the Mabopane Highway (R80) around the Theo Martins Poort mountains to be cautious.

This followed several incidents in which people were attacked, carjacked, robbed and even killed.


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