Watch | ‘I will kill you!’ – Malema shouts death threats at Pan-African MP

Julius Malema’s time at the Pan African Parliamentary Meeting this week has been characterised by his bombastic outbursts, frequent points of order – and even a direct threat to kill a fellow MP in the house.

‘I will kill you!’ – Juju shocks continental colleagues

The EFF leader has previously been elected to the all-African organsation, but his decision to import his behaviour from our National Assembly into a more continental setting hasn’t gone down too well. After getting into a heated argument with another politician, Malema lost his cool completely – and shouted ‘I will kill you outside’ to his adversary.

The shouting match lasts for over the minute, and Juju is eventually restrained by a colleague. Although he remains rattled, Malema does eventually go back to his seat. It’s not clear what sparked the disagreement – or how it found a way to escalate in this manner – but the threats made by the volatile 40-year-old have no place in a setting like this.

Watch: Julius Malema threatens to kill Pan-African MP

Julius Malema at Pan-African Parliament

Just yesterday, Julius Malema was trying to play the role of peacekeeper in the chambers. He rallied against ‘rude MPs’ who were disrupting sessions, and asked for several members to be disciplined. However, it didn’t take long for Juju to ignore his own advice – and the dust is still yet to settle from his jaw-dropping outburst.


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