Watch: Hero customer ‘punches thief to the ground’ in Gauteng restaurant

Get this man a Bell’s, or anything else he requires from the menu. CCTV footage of a bizarre incident in the West Rand, Gauteng has gone viral online this Friday – after a customer in a local restaurant thwarted a thief by thumping him…

Have-a-go-hero stops robber in his tracks

The video, viewed thousands of times online already, shows diners enjoying a casual meal earlier this week. However, a shady figure enters the premises, and makes a dash towards a table nearest the exit. The robber grabs the personal belongings of his would-be victim, but as he makes his way to the door, karma is already there to greet him.

A customer in a green top flies across the establishment, and lands a hefty punch on the criminal. The fist to the face knocks the male suspect off his feet, before he is eventually wrestled to the ground by staff members and other diners. The thief is restrained, and some semblance of order is returned. All thanks to the Green Machine…

Watch: Thief punched to the ground in Gauteng restaurant

Social media laps it up

It was an astounding reaction from the man behind the punch, who seemed alert to the danger immediately. The mugger has also had his motivations questioned, with many wondering what, exactly, his grand plan was meant to be.

The hero of the hour has also been dubbed ‘The Florida Hulk’ – he’ll probably wish that he’d worn a different jersey at this point – and social media users have been singing his praises throughout the day. All’s well that ends well, right?


Presh JM Reporter

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