Well, that’s the weekend sorted for these residents near Pinetown, then: A stretch of the N3 near Durban descended into chaos on Thursday morning, after a beer truck lost its load while turning on a particularly sharp corner. Those nearby did not need a second invitation, and a mad scramble for booze took place by the roadside.

Beer truck sheds its load near Durban

The truck itself was nowhere to be seen and had driven off after the incident. Crates of beer were strewn across the side of the road. As well as enticing the locals from neighbouring suburbs, some motorists even stopped to help themselves. Traffic on the N3 was briefly brought to a standstill, as crowds continued to swell.

Police eventually arrived at the scene near the Marian Hill Tollgate. By the time authorities were able to restore order to Richmond Road, dozens of people had already completed their impromptu booze shop for the week. One motorist was able to catch the incident on camera, as people continued to flock to the bounty of booze earlier today:

Scramble for free beer on the N3

You snooze, no booze – latecomers miss out on N3 crates

Authorities, meanwhile, will now have to trace where the lorry involved was travelling to. The scene has now been cleared, so those of you hoping to secure some free beer are a little too late, we’re afraid. Still, if you go and knock on a few doors in Marian Hill, we’re sure someone will sell you their loot for a fair price…


Presh JM Reporter

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