Watch: FlySafair remove passenger for failure to wear face mask

An ‘unruly’ passenger has been removed from a FlySafair flight after causing a ruckus when instructed to wear a face mark prior to takeoff on a flight from Cape Town International Airport on Tuesday morning. 

The passenger was removed from the plane by the flight crew, but managed to cause considerable disruption before being hauled off. The man was captured on video swearing at staff and other passengers, who cheered when he was ultimately left on the ground. 

FlySafair flight delayed after man removed for not wearing mask  

 FlySafair chief marketing officer Kirby Gordon said that the unfortunate incident took place at 8:50 on Tuesday morning, with flight FA201 – which was due to depart for Johannesburg – delayed as a result of the chaotic scenes that unfolded. 

“We regret to confirm there was an incident involving an unruly passenger who was escorted off one of our flights this morning,” said Gordon.

“A passenger reacted negatively and aggressively toward the legal requirement that he wear his mask aboard the aircraft.”

Gordon said that due to FlySafair’s policy that all passengers wear masks for the duration of their time on the airline’s aircrafts in a bid to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19, staff had to intervene when the passenger failed to cooperate.  

“As per required protocol, the captain was immediately informed of the situation and the decision was taken to offload the individual.”

Passengers thanked for help removing man  

Gordon said that the team on the plane had done a good job in minimising the disruption, and thanked other passengers for assisting when the man became increasingly irate with the crew’s decision to remove him. 

“Customer experience and on-time departures are very important to us, but nothing is more important than safety. We commend our teams for following safety procedure by the book to secure the aircraft and remove the individual, and we thank those customers who assisted our team,” said Gordon.


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