Video clips uploaded to social media show the dramatic moment that an arson suspect was identified by locals, and then arrested by the police. The man in handcuffs is believed to have started the devastating Cape Town fires this week.

Cape Town fires latest: Arson accused caught on camera

The footage, shared by Siraj Evans on Instagram before it was distributed on other platforms, shows the Mother City resident approaching the alleged arsonist. The next ‘story’ on his page then documents the police response, and officers apprehend the suspect – after being led to the location by residents with ‘protection dogs’.

Law enforcement officials confirmed on Monday that they had arrested someone in connection with the Cape Town fires. This video is consistent with the City of Cape Town’s version of events – which stated a man was tracked down by a group of concerned locals. His face is not shown in the video, and the accused cannot be named until he goes to court:

Watch: Cape Town fires suspect found by police, community

‘Flare-ups’ to be expected on Table Mountain

A number of ‘overnight flare-ups’ have been reported, and major roads are still closed – this includes Philip Kgosana Drive and other parts of the M3. However, these so-called ‘resurgences’ are taking place in a contained space, and should eventually burn out without causing more trouble. One local government official, James Brent Styan, gave this update:

“Early reports indicate the fire has largely been contained. But there’s still lots of smoke in City Bowl of Cape Town. People suffering from asthma and other respiratory challenges should consider staying at home this morning if possible.”

  • Although smoke still lingers above Cape Town, the winds have now eased off.


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