We’re used to seeing hijackers fall into some sort of trend: They have preferred hot-spots, tried and tested techniques, and even a favourite time to strike. However, it’s very rare that these criminals get hung up on one specific make of car – yet that’s what seems to be happening in Gauteng at the moment.

What vehicle are hijackers now targeting in Gauteng?

Police spokesperson Captain Matthews Nkoadi has publicly shared some intimate details about a spate of carjackings in Ga-Rankuwa. The Pretoria-based region has experienced a strange phenomenon over the past few weeks, with Haval vehicles getting nicked more often than any other make or model.

Usually, flashier brands find themselves at the mercy of hijackers. More often than not, anyway. But there’s a calculated method behind these acts of criminality: The car engines can be sold on for a vast amount of money – because they are a perfect fit for Toyota Quantums. The models are often used as minibus taxis in SA, and the black market is booming.

Haval carjackings: What’s the big idea?

For some hijackers, it has become increasingly profitable to pinch a Haval car, remove its engine, and walk away with the cash in hand. This new scheme has infuriated Nkoadi: He told Pretoria Rekord that the men perpetrating these crimes were stealing the cars at gunpoint, before removing the vehicle occupants and speeding off into the distance:

“All victims claim they had been hijacked at gunpoint by more than three men who were dropped off by one of a few getaway cars. They then immediately speed off after the hijacking… If you are targeted in a hijacking, immediately seek help and contact the nearest police station for further assistance when it is safe to do so.”


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