Arsenal full-back Hector Bellerin has come steaming into the UK Election debate on Thursday. Britain goes to the polls for their third vote in four years, as Boris Johnson looks to draw the curtain on a forgettable campaign. He was caught hiding from reporters in a fridge yesterday.

Who is Hector Bellerin?

Bellerin, who has made a name for himself as an equal rights advocate as well as being a famous footballer, has used his voice in unflinching terms here. You could say he’s gone in two-footed on the Prime Minister, such is the ferocity of his Twitter post. “Heccy B” also brought some receipts with him.

Hector Bellerin tells Twitter followers: “Fuck Boris”

Hector Bellerin encouraged his 1.7 million Twitter followers to get out and vote, imploring young people to “influence their future”. However, his controversial use of the #FuckBoris hashtag has raised the blood pressure of a few Conservative-voting Arsenal fans, while delighting his left-wing / anti-Tory supporters.

The Gunners haven’t had a great season on the pitch, and Bellerin himself has been battling to return from injury. However, he’s hoping for a victory of a different sort by Friday morning. Jeremy Corbyn and his Labour party are targeting a “hung Parliament”, and hope to “Rule Britannia” with the help of several parties in coalition.

How long left to vote in the UK Election?

The UK Election was called to break a deadlock in the National Assembly, which still remains highly confused about its own Brexit position. Johnson may have negotiated a deal with the EU, but political opponents have savaged his weak negotiating skills. “Boris” isn’t exactly all that trustworthy, either.

Voters have until 22:00 tonight (or 00:00 SAST) to register their vote. If you don’t, Hector Bellerin might consider charging you down and marching you to a booth himself.


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