A woman who is fraudulently posing as a Department of Employment and Labour employee has been charging Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) claim applicants for assistance, the department warned in a statement on Wednesday night.

“The Department of Employment and Labour cautions clients about an individual who is illegally posing as an employee of the Department and unlawfully charging R200 for assistance with regard to Unemployment Insurance Fund claims,” UIF spokesperson Makhosonke Buthelezi said.

In a Facebook post, the individual, “Sharleen Chetty”, falsely claims she is an employee of the Department that helps thousands of clients daily with their Unemployment Insurance Fund claims for a fee of R200. 

“The individual also uses an email address that is similar to those of the Department’s officials,” Buthelezi said.

Buthelezi reminded the public that assistance with all its services such as UIF and Compensation Fund claims is free

“It is also illegal for any agency or person purporting to act on behalf of an applicant to charge a fee for submitting an application for UIF benefits. Clients are, therefore, urged not to contact the individual or pay any person for assistance with UIF claims. The matter has been referred to the UIF’s Risk Management, Anti-Corruption and Integrity Management for investigation,” Buthelezi said.


Presh JM Reporter

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