Uber US released its first safety report about its rides, revealing that almost 6 000 sexual assaults, including more than 450 cases of rape, were reported to the ride-hailing service between 2017 and 2018 in the US.  

The report, which details reports of attacks on both passengers and drivers, is the first time Uber has publicly disclosed these figures.

The report also revealed 19 fatal assaults related to the company over the two-year period. The reported sexual assaults ranged from “non-consensual sexual penetration” to unwanted kissing or touching.

While the total number of reported assaults went up from 2017 to 2018 in three of five categories, including rape, the ride-sharing service said the frequency of attacks had actually fallen due to the number of trips increasing.

Uber further said, it’s important to understand the scale of their business in interpreting this data. 

Uber report reflects ‘good and bad’

“In 2019, there were almost four million Uber trips every day in the US – more than 45 rides every second. At such a large scale, Uber’s platform ultimately reflects the world in which we operate – both the good and the bad. 

“As the numbers in this report will show, critical safety incidents on our platform are, statistically, extremely rare. But even one critical safety incident is unacceptable because it represents the lived experience of someone in the Uber community,” the report read. 

Reported fatalities

The report detailed 10 “fatal physical assaults” related to its service in 2017 and nine in 2018.

“During 2017 and 2018, there were 19 fatal physical assaults occurring in a total of 18 incidents in relation to Uber,” the company said.

Of the dead, eight were riders, seven were drivers and four were third parties, including bystanders, Uber said.

Report shows Uber the way to improved safety

The report further stipulated how the company would use the findings to improve safety.  

“In addition to the many policy improvements, stronger background checks and dozens of features we have rolled out over the last few years, we are committing to additional actions today,” it said.  

The ride-hailing company said it would enforce stronger background checks and the public sharing of driver’s names who have been banned from their platform. 


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