Tiger attack latest: Seaview Predator Park tigers translocated

The tiger which attacked and killed a worker at the Seaview Predator Park was relocated as ‘the park could no longer assure its safety.’


Fiona Miles, Director of Four Paws in South Africa said in a statement two tigers, named Jasper and Jade, from the Seaview Predator Park were translocated on Tuesday.

Jasper a Siberian tiger escaped its enclosure last week and attacked and killed David Solomon before it jumped into an enclosure that houses two other Siberian Tigers. Jasper fought and killed one of the two tigers.

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The park has since closed its gates.

Miles said the two tigers were translocated in an emergency rescue operation.

“Tigers Jasper and sister Jade were translocated in an emergency rescue operation from Seaview Predator Park in Port Elizabeth to Lionsrock Big Cat Sanctuary.”

She said this was because the Park could no longer assure their safety.


After the tragic event, the management team of the Park placed Jasper in a smallholding facility on the same afternoon to manage the incident.

“The rescue mission was implemented as a collaboration between two renowned international NGO’s, The Aspinall Foundation and Four Paws.”

“The Park then contacted The Aspinall Foundation to assist in securing a new home for the tiger as the Park was unable to ensure his safety. Four Paws, which manages Lionsrock, confirmed that they were able to accommodate the tiger immediately.

The operation was launched.

Tiger attack
The tiger that attacked and killed a worker at the Seaview Predator Park was translocated. Photo: Four Paws

She added that team decided that Jade, the 8-year-old female tiger (Jasper’s sister), should also be surrendered as they had been together their entire lives, which the owners of the Park agreed to.

Dr. Annie Mears, a local vet who was appointed by the collaboration, treated Jasper on Sunday, 20 June 2021, for severe dehydration as a result of his confinement and the trauma sustained by him during the incident.

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“He was further treated for minor injuries and underwent a full health check, to ensure that he was fit to travel, while the rest of the team made the necessary preparations for the move.”

Miles furthermore said this included permit applications, vehicle and crate preparations and the assembly of veterinary teams, etc.


She furthermore said both tigers were released into their species-appropriate enclosures on Wednesday.

“They are already settling in at their lifelong home. We look forward to sharing the next chapter of their life with you, one free from exploitation.”

Dereck Milburn, The Aspinall Foundation’s Regional Director who coordinated the operation, said: “This was a critical and complex operation to complete within a restricted time, to remove any further risk to staff or animals. We are very thankful that the tigers are healthy and that they get a second chance at life in a new ethical home.

“In many captive facilities, animals are seen merely as an object, may the tigers, Jasper, and Jade show that these are sentient beings we are dealing with, who should be treated as such.”

The Aspinall Foundation and Four Paws extend sincere condolences to the family and friends of David Solomon, who lost his life.

Lionsrock is a sanctuary where breeding, hunting, trade of any sort, and animal interactions are prohibited. This sanctuary provides a species-appropriate lifelong home for big cats who have been rescued from exploitative and precarious situations from all over the world.”

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