The Ultimate Teen Date Night: 7 Ideas For Young Couples

We all know that there is absolutely nothing more cuter than a young couple in love. Unfortunately for teenagers, date nights are often limited to watching a movie on their parents’ couch. We know parents always want to keep an eye on their teenagers, but you also want them to have fun.

Teen Date

So next Friday night, You can simply encourage them to try something different, which is more fun, enlightening and safe too. Check out some fun, teen-friendly date night ideas for your little love birds.

Wake Up With Love

If you are a pair of early birds, then one of the best ideas is to get them together to watch the sunrise. They can follow up on the beautiful sight with a delicious breakfast too.

Take a Hike

Another wonderful idea for a teen-friendly date is to Drop the pair off at a nearby trail for an afternoon in the great outdoors.

  • DIY Drive-In

We all know that going to the theater gets a little boring and is very much expensive. Why not charge the laptop, pop the popcorn, and let the couple watch a movie in the car for a retro date that will surely make their day?

  • Sing-Along

Whether it’s a chart-topping group or a local band, it’s no longer a secret that kid enjoys getting out of the house to hear live music.

Dine Out

Dinners are an expensive date for teenagers who are just starting. Si instead of dinners, why not have them prepare a picnic to eat at the park, beach, or even at your own backyard. If it’s cold, let them eat on the living room floor. It is surely fun and makes their date quite lovely.

Paint a Masterpiece

Are your teenagers the creative type? Another wonderful and fun teen date, would be to let them enjoy an artistic evening at a local paint night. Or better yet, host one at your own house and see them let their creativity out.

Hit the Rink

There is absolutely nothing cuter than a couple holding hands as they skate along the ice. Follow it up with a cup of cocoa at a nearby coffee shop, it brightens their date.

Make Sweet Memories

Please do you know a teen who doesn’t like dessert? The couple can experiment with a new recipe and have fun making a mess and cooking dessert together.

Wish Upon a Star

Last on this list is wishing upon a star. It does not matter whether there’s a meteor shower or its an especially clear night, there’s nothing more romantic than stargazing with a loved one beside you. Check out an astronomy book from the library to help them identify the constellations.

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