The Prettiest Names For Girls

Are you looking for a pretty girl name? Here on this page, I have rounded up some favorites of all Mum’s names, from pretty middle names for girls to names that start or end with particular letters.

Want to know the prettiest Names for girls? You can read through this page to see a ton of baby-naming inspiration.

Pretty Girl Names Inspired by Nature.

One of the most inspiring names for girls from Nature is flowers. Encompassing from everything from flowers and herbs to gemstones and seasons, the natural world is a huge source of inspiration for pretty girl names.

prettiest girls names

Beautiful plant-inspired names include:

  • Violet,
  • Lily,
  • Willow,
  • Jasmine,
  • Flora,
  • Olivia,
  • Ivy,
  • Holly,
  • Hyacinth,
  • Daisy,
  • Saffron,
  • Rosemary.

Stones and gems have also lent their names to monikers including:

  • Amber,
  • Ruby,
  • Pearl,
  • Ivory,
  • Jade.

Other pretty nature-based girls names to consider are:

  • Brooke,
  • Rayne,
  • Aurora,
  • Dawn,
  • Savannah,
  • Luna

or seasonal names like;

  • Summer,
  • Autumn,
  • Winter,
  • January,
  • April,
  • Mae,
  • June.

Pretty Middle Names For Girl

Ever thought of a Middle name for your baby girl? You must have picked your daughter’s first name, but can’t decide on a middle name? Here are some of the prettiest middle names for girls;

  • Rose,
  • Grace,
  • Marie

are all popular pretty middles names. If those don’t strike a chord, other middle names moms recommend include;

  • Paige,
  • Elizabeth,
  • Emma,
  • Lynn,
  • Rae.

Pretty Girl Names Starting With “A”

Sometimes parents are drawn to a specific letter. If you’re hunting for the perfect “A” name for your daughter, here are some pretty picks other moms love: Arianna, Abigail, Angelina, Amelia, Avery, Ava, Aubrey, Aria, Ashlynn, and Athena.

Pretty French Girl Names

Francophiles, rejoice! We’re rounded up the following 10 recommendations for pretty girl names that are French in origin: Genevieve, Amélie, Mathilde, Aurelie, Giselle, Sophie, Josephine, Juliette, Odette, and Colette.

Pretty Irish Girl Names

If you’re drawn more toward names of Irish origin, Quinn, Fiona, Teagan, and Kiera are all popular recommendations for pretty girl names.

Glamorous Pretty Girl Names

Trying to find a name that’s a little glamorous? Names like Scarlett, Audrey, Bridgette, Penelope, Ava, and Marilyn have all belonged to Hollywood screen sirens. “V” names just have a glamorous ring to them — think Victoria, Vivian, or Valentina.

Ending With “La”

There’s something so soft and pretty about girls’ names that end in a “la” sound. Isabella is particularly popular right now, but we also love Layla, Willa, Isla, Lila, Arabella, Jayla, and Delilah.

Pretty Girl Names Ending with “Ee” Sounds

Everyone’s ears are different, however — if you’re not partial to names with the -la ending, a bright “ee” sound is another pretty way to go. Some of the “ee”-ending names moms recommended are Hailey, MacKenzie, Leilani, Bree, and Zoe.

Pretty Place Names For Girls

Want to name your daughter after a special place? We’ve seen all these pretty place names used for girls: Dakota, Brooklynn, Sydney, Ireland, Paris, London, Charlotte, Florence, Alexandria, Aspen, Eden, Carmel, Sicily, Vienna, Sahara.

What do you think about these names? IF you’ve got any more pretty names for baby girls, please don’t hesitate to use the comment box and reach out to us.

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