Dudu Myeni was certainly not in Raymond Zondo’s good books before Tuesday morning. And now, the former SAA executive has just about boiled the blood of the DCJ and his legal colleagues. Mrs. Myeni failed to appear at the State Capture Inquiry today, despite being summoned to do so – and she may now face the ultimate punishment.

In deep Dudu Myeni: Jail term ‘possible’ for missing witness

The ‘delinquent director’ is in breach of The Commissions Act. Yes, this is the same law Jacob Zuma has violated. And yes, it’s the one that can be punishable by six months in jail. Although the former president hasn’t been locked up for his actions, there is nothing in place to guarantee that Dudu Myeni can get away with her Zondo no-show…

Advocate Kate Hofmeyr, seething with the absent witness, made it clear that a criminal charge MUST be now filed:

“Myeni’s conduct is of a person with a concerted effort not to account. She has given herself a postponement – and it is time the law takes its course. Witnesses request a postponement with affidavits and reasons for the postponement, but Dudu Myeni has not afforded the commission that. She has defied the summons”

“Previously, she has not appeared [before Parliamentary Committees when asked]. One of these committees recommended that Dudu Myeni should face criminal charges on separate issues. Myeni has also been asked to provide a warning statement in response to the first contempt case – where she named a secret witness.”

Parliamentary misbehaviour resurfaces at Zondo Commission

DCJ Zondo was also left flabbergasted by Myeni’s conduct both past and present. The 57-year-old told the Commission that she would not be able to make it to Johannesburg to testify – because she’s already on her way to Port Shepstone for a family event. This is a similar stunt to one she pulled in the National Assembly, just a few years ago…

  • – According to the leader of the Commission, Parliament should have punished Myeni long before we got to this point:


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