It’s been just under 10 weeks since South Africa was busted down to the stifling regulations of Level 3 – but 2021 already seems to be a more amicable year than the previous one. South Africa has officially moved back to Level 1 restrictions on Monday, as the lightest form of lockdown returns to our shores. However, over a dozen activities still remain banned.

Ups and downs from Ramaphosa’s address

The initial joy of moving to Level 1 does come with a caveat, too: A third wave of COVID-19 is now expected at some point this winter – so South Africans will be keen to make the most of their new-found freedoms. This may be the most lenient set of regulations, but that doesn’t exactly mean we are in for a free-for-all.

A total of 14 ‘banned items’ have been listed by Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, who published the Government Gazette in her name on Sunday. So, whatever your plans are for the next few months, here’s how to ensure you don’t break the rules.

Banned list: 14 activities outlawed during Level 1 of lockdown

  • – You still cannot visit a nightclub.
  • – Being out of your home between the hours of 00:00 – 4:00 is forbidden.
  • – There are 33 land borders that remain closed, and you cannot pass through them.
  • – The gazetted regulations state that ‘after-tears’ events – or parties after funerals – are off-limits. Night vigils also outlawed
  • – You cannot travel on a passenger ship for leisure purposes – cruises are still banned.
  • – No South African can attend a professional sports fixture as a spectator.
  • – Going maskless in a public place, or onboard public transport, is also against the law.
  • – Attending an indoor gathering of 101 people or more (including funerals) is not allowed.
  • – Nor is attending an outdoor gathering of 251 people or more.
  • – Venues cannot be more than 50% full, in order to respect social distancing laws.
  • – You cannot be on a bus that is more than 70% full – IF it is travelling more than 200km (long-distance).
  • – Non-essential business owners aren’t allowed to operate past 23:00, in respect of the curfew.
  • – No international sports fixtures against a country with a high COVID-19 infection rate are permitted.
  • – A landlord cannot evict a tenant – unless they have a court order allowing them to do so.


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