The State Capture Inquiry came back with an almighty bang on Monday, as former PRASA chairperson Popo Molefe let rip against former President Jacob Zuma. The executive stated that he was made to feel ‘like the only one opposing corruption’ at the rail firm, comparing Msholozi’s network of allies to Donald Trump’s set-up.

Jacob Zuma vs Donald Trump – State Capture Inquiry draws the pair together

The American leader has been accused of violating the Constitution on multiple occasions, from courting Russian assistance to win the 2016 election right through to leaning on the Ukrainian president to ‘dig up dirt’ on Joe Biden ahead of his electoral run-off with the Democrat nominee later this year. Sharing his views at the State Capture Inquiry, Molefe says he sees a lot of similarities between POTUS and Jacob Zuma…

  • Molefe accused Jacob Zuma of having the same “disregard for the law” that Trump supposedly harbours.
  • He said both leaders brought in cronies to stop them from being held accountable.
  • And, in another striking comparison, the former PRASA chair said they were both supported by ‘sycophants’.

Popo Molefe at the State Capture Inquiry

Molefe has resumed testimony he initially started delivering in March, before the coronavirus-enforced break. He was giving evidence about what led to Zuma dissolving the PRASA board – on the day he was scheduled to appear in Parliament, no less – claiming that the now-78-year-old was picking and choosing people who would support his presidency rather than the company itself.

Jacob Zuma’s PRASA dealings

Molefe methodically went through the wrongdoings he saw at PRASA, using his cross-presidential comparisons:

“The attitude was that ‘we are going to show them that power resides here [Union Buildings] and not with them [PRASA board]’. Something similar to what is happening now in the US. Trump does not respect the rule of law, but because he has money, people just support him even though they know it is wrong.”

“He then removes all the best prosecutors, he wants cronies and he goes to the courts, he wants judges to be those who would ignore the basic tenets of the law and the constitution but instead defend him as a person [even at the State Capture Inquiry].”

“And we have seen this here with our own [former] president [Zuma] and all those people representing the ANC in parliament behaving as if they did not see anything wrong with how public funds were appropriated for personal benefit.”

Popo Molefe at the State Capture Inquiry


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