The political conspiracy theorists are going to have a field day with this one – and on this occasion, they may have good cause. Officials have told eNCA that the Parktown office of the State Capture Inquiry was burgled overnight, with a bundle of laptops now missing from the premises. SAPS has also failed to rule out that ‘sensitive documents’ were also taken.

State Capture Inquiry offices burgled – but what was taken?

These incredible developments surfaced on Sunday morning – and we are awaiting an updated statement from both the regional police force in Gauteng and the Zondo Commission itself. There are fears that the laptops weren’t the only important items nicked on Saturday night – as legal teams rush to confirm the whereabouts of high-level dockets.

Zondo Commission hit by thieves, ‘political conspiracies’ swirl

The State Capture Inquiry, which has rattled on for almost three years, has turned up a number of trees since its inception: Although few arrests have been made, a larger number of criminal charges have been brought forward against alleged perpetrators – thanks largely due to evidence that surfaced at the Commission.

However, as the net was cast wider to the ‘upper echelons’ of government, DCJ Zondo and his team experienced a significant pushback. Witnesses have grown increasingly uncooperative, and former President Jacob Zuma made a mockery of the panel by refusing to attend on several different dates.

Msholozi, however, has support from his friends still inside the ANC’s top brass. Jessie Duarte was heard leaping to uBaba’s defence last week, criticising Raymond Zondo in the process. However, the motivation behind this robbery is yet to be established – and the obvious failure in security protocol is likely to come under scrutiny.


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