Former cabinet minister Malusi Gigaba has moved to discredit the bulk of his estranged wife Norma Mngoma’s testimony at the State Capture Commission.

It was Gigaba’s turn on the stand on Thursday evening, 27 May 2021, a little over a week after Mngoma made jaw-dropping revelations.

In addition to testifying about the extent of Gigaba’s questionable relationship with the Gupta family, Mngoma also told the commission about the circumstances leading to their divorce.

While she claimed to have been the one to initiate the divorce proceedings, Gigaba has denied this. According to him, Mngoma essentially used the commission as leverage to get a better divorce settlement.

Gigaba claims Mngona approached him back in January with three proposals.

“The first was that, Mr Gigaba, I would like you to offer me something; I cannot just walk away without anything. I would like something financially,” said Gigaba.

According to the former ANC MP, his wife also wanted him to drop the assault and malicious damage to property charges he had filed against her. This was after she allegedly trashed a luxury Mercedes Benz G-Wagon belonging to his friend.

“She said, third, I would in return stave off the attempts by the commission on state capture to invite me to submit an affidavit about you,” Gigaba said.

Gigaba claims Norma Mngoma ‘misrepresented’ herself

Malusi Gigaba further told the State Capture Commission that when he first met Norma Mngoma, she had claimed to be an accomplished I.T executive coming from a wealthy family and living the ultimate jetsetter life.

“When I met Ms Mngoma, she projected to me an image of a high-flying individual who was from a very well-to-do family,” Gigaba said.

“She had told me that her father was a businessman living in New York City, that she herself would regularly visit New York City or would on occasion win awards from Mark Shuttleworth that would require her to go to do some work in New York City. She would come to see me in different vehicles that she said were hers.”

Former minister Malusi Gigaba

According to Gigaba, he believed he was marrying a wealthy woman, which turned out to be untrue. He claims Mngoma had told him she’d received a large sum of money from her father, who died in 2012 and that her uncle kept it for her in a trust.


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