South Africa has plans to ban the breeding and hunting of captive lions.

On Sunday the Minister of Forestry, Fisheries and Environmental Affairs, Barbara Creecy released a report from a high-level panel that was appointed to review policies related to hunting, trade, captive keeping, management and handling of elephant, lion, leopard and rhinos.


The Minister has adopted the majority recommendations which includes the following:

  • Developing a process to halt and reverse the domestication of lions through captive lion breeding and commercial use
  • Putting in place ethical and humane procedures for euthanasia
  • Provide for policy decisions for an immediate halt for the sale of captive lion derivatives, hunting and tourist interactions

The Panel identified that the industry poses risks to the sustainability of wild lion conservation.

“The panel recommends that South Africa does not captive breed lions, keep lions in captivity or use captive lions or their derivatives commercially. I have requested the department to action this accordingly and ensure that the necessary consultation in implementation is conducted,” said Creecy.

She added that it’s important to stress that the recommendations are not against the hunting industry.

“Preventing the hunting of captive lions is in the interests of the authentic wild hunting industry, and will boost the hunting economy and our international reputation, and the jobs that this creates.”


The National Council of SPCA welcomed the recognition to bring an end to irresponsible, inhumane and unsustainable practices. In a statement on their Facebook page the organisation said the recommendations is a step in the right direction.

“Since the time when canned lion hunting was exposed, the NSPCA has raised opposition to the captive lion industry in its entirety and has attempted through various means to address animal welfare and cruelty associated with the industry. The NSPCA’s history to address the captive lion industry has been ongoing for more than a decade and is of the opinion that the above recommendations is a step in the right direction.”

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