Snow could now hit THREE provinces in SA – before the end of the week

With the first few flakes forecast for 2021 falling over the weekend, it seems likely that more snow will soon land in South Africa. We saw the dusting of mountain tops and high-peaks in the last 48 hours, but a more substantial covering is expected by Friday – and it may no longer be confined to just the Eastern Cape and Lesotho.

Snow forecast for South Africa this week

An updated forecast from Ventusky shows that the snow flurries could now spill into both Free State AND KwaZulu-Natal. Of course, predicting when the white stuff will land is one of the toughest tasks in meteorology – and the picture is subject to change at any moment. But, as we stand on Monday afternoon, the outlook is promising for snow chasers.

As we reported over the weekend, snow is on course to make landfall overnight, in the early hours of Friday 30 April. From there, patches of snowfall will occur in northern parts of the Eastern Cape, as well as southern parts of Lesotho. Local landmarks Sani Pass and AfriSki are also bracing a wintery transformation.

Photo: Ventusky

Where will the snow fall in South Africa on Friday 30 April?

Between 7:00 to 10:00 next Friday, the snow is set to intensify in the Eastern Cape, falling a little heavier as the sun rises. Residents of Barkly East, Jamestown, and Dordrecht will likely wake up to settled snow. Initially, it seemed this particular weather event would be confined to one region. But new projections from Ventusky suggest otherwise

For the outlying extremities in parts of Free State and KwaZulu-Natal, the early hours of Friday will bring a light covering, followed by a small evening flurry. Puthaditjhaba, Witsieshoek, Highmore, and Kamberg – locations near the border with Lesotho – can expect to see the lion’s share of the snowfall over the course of 30 April.

Snow in South Africa – latest news and updates

Projections for Free State, 30 April:

Photo: Ventusky

Projections for KZN, 30 April:

Photo: Ventusky


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