It’s been more than 10 years since Shrien Dewani made international headlines, following the murder of his wife Anni in South Africa. A contentious trial ensued, which ended up clearing him of any wrongdoing. The millionaire has kept a relatively low profile since his acquittal, but in the past few months, Dewani has increased his online presence.

Where is Shrien Dewani? Former murder suspect surfaces during COVID-19 pandemic

Last April, he joined Twitter and accrued a very modest following. Shrien Dewani also has a blog that he sporadically updates. Many of his posts are linked to the care homes that fall under his directorship. In November 2020, Mr. Dewani was spotted leaving a £3.5 million property in London, as his financial status became public interest.

However, his professional posts have flown under the radar, and the low-key updates have given us a window into a ‘second life’ lived outside of the limelight. Dewani is now leading several care teams in the South West of England – who have been diligently battling the spread of COVID-19 under his stewardship.

Online presence details care home work, COVID-19 measures

The blog, and Twitter posts from earlier this week, further outline what the 40-year-old is doing on a daily basis. Shrien Dewani has thanked care home workers for all of their hard work during the pandemic, and praised his staff for playing a pivotal role in the provision of vaccines for elderly and infirmed patients.

“As if getting through the first wave wasn’t enough, we are being tested once more. The following is true of my team, and to those who I have the privilege of leading: Be proud of the courage you display everyday, and be proud of the outcomes you are achieving.”

“I wish everyone could see the detail of the amazing work of the health care community in getting the vaccine rolled out. Despite all the challenges, the way in which people have worked together is just awesome.”

Shrien Dewani via Twitter

The history of Anni and Shrien Dewani

While sightseeing in Gugulethu, in Cape Town, two armed men hijacked a vehicle that Anno and Shrien Dewani were driving in. The driver was ejected from the front of the car, and Shrien Dewani soon followed him. The next day, Anni Dewani was found dead in the boot of the motor. She had sustained a fatal gunshot wound to the head.

Initially passed off as a shocking act of random violence, the criminal investigation ended up turning over some damning evidence, implicating Shrien in the killing. According to the taxi driver, and one of the men involved in the hijacking, the whole incident was staged – and used as a ‘ruse’ made to it look like an indiscriminate attack.

According to the motorist involved in the alleged ‘fakery’, Shrien Dewani had arranged for his wife to be killed. The accused was eventually acquitted of orchestrating Anni’s murder, after a messy four-year legal battle. But the care home director has struggled to convince the wider general public of his innocence.


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