Police have swarmed the Johannesburg High Court on Monday, after a gang of prisoners attempted to make a break for freedom. We understand five convicts tried to evade the clutches of law enforcement, and according to preliminary reports, they even wounded a cop who was on patrol.

One prisoner still remains at large, with the others re-arrested in a dramatic day outside of the courthouse. The police officer who suffered significant injuries was allegedly stabbed by one of the suspects, which begs the question; how was he able to get his hands on a dangerous weapon?

We’ve seen unverified reports that there was a fatality, after police opened fire on the criminals. This hasn’t been established yet, but photos claiming to be of the crime scene have emerged online.

This is the second time that such a daring escape has been hatched at the Johannesburg High Court in 2019. Back in February, six suspects tried to take flight, but only two of them made a clean break. They were soon found and rearrested. On Monday, the courthouse was put on lockdown as police back-up rushed to the scene.

After a struggle between law enforcement and the convicts, it’s understood one of the officers felt they had no choice but to open fire on the suspects. Although uncertainty remains in regards to the health of the would-be escapees, there have been no civilian casualties to report.


Presh JM Reporter

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