A KwaZulu-Natal school girl bully has been convicted and sentenced for the crime of assault with intention to do grievous bodily harm (GBH) in the Mahlabathini Magistrates Court.

Apart from receiving a community based sentenced the school bully has also been ordered to apologise in writing to the victim as well as undergo counselling and a process of mediation.

National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) regional spokesperson, Natasha Kara, said the 16 year old school girl had been handed down a

a community-based sentence of 12 months after she was convicted of assault with the intent to do GBH last month.

“The matter relates to the assault of a fellow learner from Mathole High School in Mahlabathini in September last year. The incident was captured on video and widely circulated on social media,” Kara said.

According to the sentence, she will be placed under the supervision of a probation officer for a 12 month period. In addition to this, she will be referred to undergo intensive therapy to manage the underlying issues that may have led to her committing the offence.

In handing down the sentence to the school bully, magistrate Fatima Khawula set out several conditions: 

  • The school girl cannot leave the magisterial district without prior written consent from the probation officer
  • She must submit a written apology to the victim she assaulted. 
  • The probation officer must facilitate a mediation between the accused and the victim.

Kara said District Court Prosecutor Khethiwe Buthelezi had represented the state in the school bullying matter.

KZN Director of Public Prosecutions Elaine Zungu welcomed the finalisation of the matter. 

“We acknowledge the prevalence of bullying in the school environment. We will give these matters the necessary attention and ensure prosecutions accordingly,” she said.


Presh JM Reporter

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