Sardine run: 207 kg Dusky shark caught at Pumula beach

The beaches along the South Coast have been a hive of activity as sardines have been netted almost every day for the past two to three weeks.


On Saturday 19-year-old Kenan David caught a 207kg Dusky shark.

” I caught the Dusky shark at Pumula beach on the lower south coast of KwaZulu-Natal.

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“The shark took my bait at exactly 10:47 on Saturday morning and I landed it just after 11:30.”

According to David, there were many shoals of sardine throughout the whole South Coastline on Saturday.


“The majority of these shoals were too far out for the netters to reach. There were a few nets pulled in at Durban central.”

David said the Dusky shark he caught measured in at a length of 240cm which then converted to a weight of 207.6kg.

He added that the shark was safely released.

“I have caught many sharks over the years. This Dusky shark is my 3rd shark for the 2021 sardine run. I caught two spinner sharks before this. One of around 94kgs and another of 85kgs.”

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David said he loves fishing with his father, brother, and grandfather.

“I live in Amanzimtoti, but I try to travel to places where there is a lot of sardine action as they are where most of the sharks generally are.”

He furthermore said this year’s sardine run has truly been amazing.

“Where every day has seen some sort of excitement whether it be the shark action and even the sardine action. The amount of sardines that have come through has been through the roof.

“It is really awesome to see how happy and joyful everyone is on the beach especially through these daunting times. It is amazing seeing families go out and take a break and just have a good time.”

A week ago the sardines caused quite a stir in Port Edward where 12 nets of sardines were pulled in

According to a resident, this was the first time that they have seen so many sardines.


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