The South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) has announced that it is going to focus on the impact of corruption on human rights. This forms part of the Commission’s strategic focus for the next five years.

The Commission released a statement this week, about the recent attacks on the Zondo Commission and the Judiciary, following a leaked audio recording of criticism against the Commission, its Chairperson and former president Jacob Zuma.


SAHRC Communications Co-ordinator, Gushwell Brooks said that corruption is a major impediment to development, the alleviation of poverty, the establishment of economic equality and the delivery of socio-economic rights and services for all within South Africa.

“Testimony presented at the Zondo Commission, exposing the extent of State Capture, has been shocking and exposes the true nature and impact of widespread corruption within the State.

The Zondo Commission has the potential to assist the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) to hold to account individuals and entities in the private sector, within the State and at all other spheres to. This is essential in ensuring that those responsible for corruption are held to account and, hopefully, to deter all those considering such acts in the future,” Brooks said.

Brooks also said that the SAHRC welcomes the progress made by the Zondo Commission and calls on senior officials of political parties, including those within the governing party, to ensure that independent judicial processes are left unfettered by party politics.

“The Commission calls on political parties, the State and all within South Africa to protect the independence of the judiciary and judicial processes, as these exist to protect the interests and the rights of all within South Africa.”


In closing, Brooks said that the SAHRC has noted with great concern the recent, disparaging utterances made in regard the judiciary and judicial processes.

“Recently, public attacks against the Constitution, the judiciary and judicial processes have been made by senior political figures within South Africa.

“The authority of the Courts has been brought into question and criticised while a leaked audio recording of criticism against the Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Allegations of State Capture (the Zondo Commission); the Chairperson of the Zondo Commission – Deputy Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court, Judge Raymond Zondo and the action against the former President of the Republic, Jacob Zuma; has emerged.”

South African Human Rights Commission

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