About 140 people and counting, many of whom are South Africans, have opened up their wallets and have already donated $19,216 (a little over R273 000) to go towards repatriating the remains of Lindani Myeni, a KwaZulu-Natal-born rugby player who was shot dead by police in the United States.

Police in Honolulu, Hawaii, who were responding to a “burglary in progress” on Wednesday, 15 April 2021, claim that the 29-year-old behaved strangely and ended up assaulting and wounding at least three of them. The police said they were forced to resort to lethal force after Myeni grew aggressive.

In the wake of Myeni’s death, family and close friends set up a Go Fund Me account, to help fund his repatriation, funeral and possible legal costs.

“He was a gentle, strong, healthy man whose deep love for his family was seconded by a passion for his homeland and Zulu culture. A former professional rugby player, Rio Tinto mechanical engineer, former top 25 on South African idols and camp scouts director, Lindani Sanele Myeni had an ever present smile as big as he was and belonged to a royal bloodline. He is survived by his wife and two children,” family friend Seabelo Silitshena said.

“We are fundraising to cover his transportation back home to South Africa, funeral costs and legal fees involved in the family’s plight to uncover the circumstances surrounding his death”

Seabelo Silitshena, Myeni family friend

Lindani Myeni’s wife grateful for support

At the same time, Lindani Myeni’s wife, Lindsay, has expressed gratitude for the support they have received since his death.

“We’re taking Lindani’s body to be buried at home in South Africa. This is a gofundme for flights, funeral, lawyers, etc,” she said.

“Thanks for everyone asking how they can help. All the support and love has been getting us through the days”

Myeni and his wife had been living together on the island with their two young children. The former rugby player was reportedly scheduled for a green card interview in a matter of weeks.

While an investigation is still underway, there are mounting calls for Honolulu police to be brought to book for Myeni’s death. There are already allegations that Myeni’s race factored into the confrontation and subsequent death, at the hands of police.


Presh JM Reporter

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