We would like to clear-up an issue from an article published on Sunday afternoon, in which we erroneously reported that footage of a man who was removed from a flight was published was related to the incident that took place on Saturday 24 October.

We attributed an unrelated video of a woman being removed from a plane to the incident, in which the man was removed from a flight on the domestic airline after he failed to wear a mask and adhere to the safety protocols that have been mandated for air travel. The video has since been retracted.

We believe it’s important to take accountability and clarify any information necessary, and unreservedly apologise to FlySafair. As a publication, we pride ourselves on being meticulous with our details and always fact-checking what we are writing about, before going live with our articles.

You can read the full facts of the issue in our amended article here


Presh JM Reporter

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