Rasta returns: Tenacious painter’s Leanne Manas portrait misses the mark

He’s painted some of South Africa’s most iconic figures with varying degrees of accuracy, and now popular artist Lebani “Rasta” Sirenje has returned with a portrait of Leanne Manas, who celebrated her 46th birthday on Wednesday 14 October. 

After he was applauded for his attempt to portray the late Andrew Mlangeni in July, it would appear that Rasta has let his form dip once again, with his impression of Manas leaving the television presenter grateful if not entirely bemused. 

‘Who’s that lady?’ Manas thanks Rasta for birthday present 

Twitter has been quick to judge Rasta on his latest effort, with some asking whether or not it is possible to sue him for failing so abysmally. Others have been more constructive and kind, suggesting that Rasta either “get some rest” or take a deep breath, before trying again. 

Manas thanked him for the kind gesture though, although she wasn’t 100% sure who he was trying to paint. 

“Thank you so much Rasta – I really enjoyed my birthday!” she said. “Who’s the lady in the picture? She’s got a very…. unique look.” 

Twitter user were less gracious:

Leanne gives back on her birthday  

Meanwhile, Manas used her birthday as an opportunity to give back rather than sit idly by receiving presents. Having seen a desperate plea for financial support on Twitter from a man who said that he and his family hadn’t eaten in two days, Manas decided to send him money in the hope that the gesture would spark a turning point for him. 

’’This so hard for me to do as a man but my family and I haven’t eaten in two days. I’m desperately asking for food that’s going to expire soon,’ the man said on Twitter. 

’’For my kids and wife. I’ll also spare my share of the food for them.’’

Manas deposited money into his account and wished him well. 

“You have a present from me to you in your account for you and your family! May this be the turning point of your fortune,” she said. “Send love to your family.” 


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