Queen Elizabeth bigger than Beyonce and Oprah, research finds

Great news for Queen Elizabeth II on her 95th birthday – the UK monarch’s personal brand tops that of media mogul Oprah Winfrey and thee Beyonce.

This is according to Statista, a German research forum, which made the finding specifically for a True Royalty TV documentary about the Queen to mark her 95th birthday on Wednesday, 21 April 2021. All this happens as the Queen comes to terms with the loss of her husband of over 70 years, Prince Phillip.

According to the research, the Queen’s ‘personal brand’ is 16 times bigger than Beyoncé and six times the size of Kim Kardashian and Microsoft founder Bill Gates. Her image is also nearly three times the size of that of Oprah Winfrey.

Damage control proves rewarding for Queen Elizabeth

The finding might come as a shock for many, particularly given the explosive interview the Queen’s grandson, Prince Harry did with Oprah Winfrey. Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle revealed how a member of the Royal Family had asked an inappropriate and potentially racist question about his son, Archie’s skin colour.

Then there was that cringeworthy sit-down the Queen’s son, Prince Andrew, did with the BBC, in which he was grilled about his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein, the New York financier who was accused of running a paedophile ring.

Despite that, research found that Queen Elizabeth managed to grow the firm into the world’s fifth-biggest “corporate” brand ahead of multi-nationals such as Coca-Cola, Nike, Ferrari and Microsoft.

David Haigh, chief executive of Brand Finance, a brand valuation and strategy consultancy firm was interviewed on the programme and said:

“The Royal Family refers to itself as “The Firm”. So, when we began analysing the financial performance of the monarchy, we took that same phrase and tried to value it as a firm. And we estimate the value of the business at about £70 billion, which is about $100bn…,”

“That puts it as the most valuable UK brand. It’s a more valuable brand than Shell for example or Marks & Spencer and many other UK brands”

As the firm’s top executive for nearly 70 years, the Queen has a likely value herself of around $50 billion — or $10 billion more than Coca-Cola.


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