PT Ambulance Paramedics were shaken up in a rock-throwing attack in Umlazi on Tuesday, 8 June 2021.

PT Alarms said that soon citizens will suffer because Emergency Medical Services (EMS) personnel will fear responding to their aid because of the growing number of attacks and hijackings of emergency services vehicles and personnel.


Emergency medical responders came under attack while en route to assist a patient in distress in the early hours of Tuesday. The PT Ambulance was dispatched to Umlazi P section for a patient.

PT Alarms spokesperson, Trishen Govender said that en route to the patient, a rock was forcefully thrown at the ambulance shattering the driver side glass.

“Fortunately, our PT Ambulance crew narrowly escaped harm and were not injured but they were traumatized under the circumstances. It is alleged that the PT Ambulance medic was slowing down for a speed hump when the rock hurtled through the window shattering the glass. The medics were covered in glass pieces and noticed two males running towards the PT Ambulance.

“They (PT medics) immediately sped off with the rock inside the ambulance. Sadly, the PT Medics did not make it to the patient but thankfully, the patient met the PT Ambulance crew and was transported to hospital. It is distressing to note that the very essential medical first respondents are being targeted by ruthless and merciless criminals who are out to rob paramedics and steal from ambulance services.”

Govender further said that the life-saving responders stand to lose their own lives due to vile and violent criminals.

“This kind of abhorrent violence is unacceptable and too many lives are injuriously altered or fatally lost due to these kinds of malicious acts. Following previous reported attacks across KZN and in SA, paramedics fear for their safety and lives.”

“Soon citizens will suffer because Emergency Medical Services (EMS) personnel will fear responding to their aid. Due to the danger and threats of attacks, PT Alarms Tactical Units will be escorting PT Ambulance paramedics to call outs in Umlazi.

A case will be registered at SAPS.”

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