The Democratic Alliance (DA) announced on Tuesday 20 April that they will take action against ANC Chief Whip Pemmy Majodina, who they claim must take responsibility after her son – Mkhonto weSizwe Majodina – was accused of scoring a dodgy Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) deal that they say smacks of corruption. 

Majodina on Sunday said she is willing to subject herself to parliament’s ethics committee to explain her son’s involvement R52 500 COVID-19 PPE procurement deal which supplied thermometers to ANC constituency offices in January, saying that the issue is “regrettable”. 

ANC caucus paid out for PPE procurement deal  

Majondina, who is the sole director of King Mzimshe Trading, a company registered in the Eastern Cape, had his mother’s support when the claims of corruption first emerged. She said that the transaction paid to the ANC Caucus did not have to go to open tender as the amount was less than R100 000, in line with the ANC parliamentary caucus’s financial policy. On Tuesday, she said that she would be willing to go before the Ethics Committee to resolve the “regrettable” issue.

The DA insist that Parliament needs to investigate the deal though, and have referred the ANC Chief Whip to its Ethics Committee to determine whether there is a conflict of interest. 

“There appears to be a clear conflict of interest for which Majodina and her son must be probed and held fully to account,” said DA CHiefWhip Natasha Mazzone. “The DA urges the committee to investigate Majodina’s alleged role in this PPE deal as a matter of urgency.”

Chief Whip ‘must be disciplined’ if found guilty of wrongdoing 

Mazzone said that those in power need to be held account when such allegations arise, and insisted that should wrongdoing be found to have been committed, Majodina and her son must be “disciplined”. 

“South Africans need parliamentarians who are beyond reproach, especially those tasked with senior positions in Parliament where they are meant to hold public office bearers to account and demonstrate their oversight mandates. This is the only way corruption would ever be rooted out.”

“Should any impropriety be found regarding Majodina or her son’s involvement in this deal with the ANC, the Chief Whip must be disciplined. These allegations not only cast a shadow of her party’s already tainted image, but it also casts aspersions over Majodina’s integrity as a Chief Whip in Parliament.”

“Parliament cannot continue to handle senior parliamentarians with kid gloves when their malfeasance comes to light. Decisive action must be taken to destroy the rot of corruption at its core.”


Presh JM Reporter

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