Things took an unexpected turn at the State Capture Commission after Norma Mngoma, the estranged wife of former African National Congress (ANC) MP and Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba, withdrew from giving her testimony.

Mngoma was set to take the stand on Tuesday afternoon, April 13, 2021, however one of her legal representatives told the commission that she had opted against further participating.

She was expected to reveal all regarding Gigaba and his dodgy affairs with the controversial Gupta family. Like several other former government officials, Gigaba’s name has come up a number of times at the commission and he is considered one of the allies to former president Jacob Zuma, who helped enable grand looting by the family.

Zondo issues summons for Mngoma

While Norma Mngoma’s sudden withdrawal potentially puts a spanner in the works, she has placed herself in somewhat of a sticky situation – she’s likely to have provided the State Capture Commission with an affidavit, which means the dye may have been cast already. Added onto that is the fact that Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo, who has now given the commission permission to issue a summons for Mngoma, which means she may have no choice but to appear.

Mngoma has been singing like a canary when coming to MaGigaba’s alleged dodgy dealings.

The now estranged couple was well known in social circles, particularly as a high-flying pair living a lavish life – however the marriage was nothing short of tumultuous, with the former minister having been accused of being a serial cheater.

Mngoma was arrested by the Hawks in July 2020, for alleged domestic violence, assault, malicious damage to property, and crimen injuria. This is after she damaged a Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon, which belonged to a friend of the former minister.

Remember that explosive interview with eNCA? She made a series of jaw-dropping revelations including how Gigaba suffers from a porn addiction and that they would often visit the Gupta family compound, during which he would be locked in secret meetings with the brothers.

She said that the Guptas were “advising him who to appoint”, but that they wouldn’t speak in front of her.

Mngoma said that her husband is chronically paranoid, and that he fears that she may expose his dodgy dealings with the Gupta brothers.

“They used to ask us to hand in our phones outside, but I’d get bored so I’d fetch my phone. This year he was asking me a lot of questions about what I remember from those meetings. He saw I wanted to leave [the marriage], and now he’s worried about what I know,” she said.


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