Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Commissar and MP Mbuyiseni Ndlozi took to Twitter on Tuesday 30 June to air his frustrations about the pandemic, the lockdown and the state of the country. Ndlozi, in a fiery rant, lashed out at Health Minister Zweli Mkhize, Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula and the greater African National Congress (ANC) as a whole, for leading the country into disarray. 


Ndlozi said COVID-19 has exposed a simple truth — that government has no plan. 

“In July healthcare systems will collapse due to COVID-19 numbers. Quarantine zones will be futile as they don’t have ventilators and enough medical staff. The economy will fall on its knees, not due to lockdown, but it will simply be impossible to operate anything amidst mass death,” said Ndlozi. 

“The only thing worse than COVID-19 in South Africa is ANC corruption. This is the true pandemic: they have looted money for food parcels, ventilators, medical facilities and equipment like PPEs,” he added.  

Ndlozi asked how many people must die of COVID-19 before one realises the ANC government has lost the fight against the pandemic. 

“How many must suffer without ventilators before you believe that we are in a crisis? What must actually happen before you see how useless this Ramaphosa of yours is?” he asked. 

“I am not the prophet of doom, doom is what you voted for! The ANC is the one unleashing doom on the lives of our people!” he asked. 

Ndlozi said people keep asking the EFF to provide solutions as thought the ANC government would take their proposals. 

“No! The ANC government has been advised many times through parliament on a different path and they ignored it because their white rich masters are more important than logic!”


Then, in a rare sighting, Mkhize became a target. Ndlozi essentially said that the only thing he’s good for is announcing COVID-19 numbers. 

“There is absolutely nothing else of value that Zweli Mkhize does except announcing COVID-19 numbers. He gave unscientific advice on reopening of everything, now he has no plan to deal with rising numbers: healthcare systems are falling apart and the man has no plan whatsoever!” said Ndlozi. 


Tagging Mbalula on Twitter, Ndlozi addressed the minister’s “misleading” comments regarding HEPA eating viruses, including COVID-19, and thus planes can operate at 100% capacity? 

“If so, how did COVID-19 leave Wuhan? How did it arrive in SA? Did patient number1 in SA arrive in a taxi or plane?” asked Ndlozi. 

“Chief, please focus, the idea is employed by Fikile Mbalula to justify why planes will be allowed to operate at 100% capacity! The question remains if the HEPA ‘eats all viruses, including coronavirus’ (direct quote from minister), how did it arrive in South Africa?” he asked. 

Mbalula said the following during a press briefing on Monday 29 June: 

“People ask why we are operating at 100% capacity on flights. It’s because planes can absorb disease. Planes are fitted with High-Efficiency Particulate Air-Filters (HEPA). The plane is not a taxi. You fly for, say, two hours and you are compressed. The filter can eat any form of virus, including COVID-19.”


Presh JM Reporter

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