The scenes of violence across South Africa have had a devastating impact on the country’s road infrastructure, culminating in the complete closure of the N3 highway on Tuesday morning – a decision that will wreak further havoc for commuters.

Traffic report for KZN and Gauteng: N3 highway ‘closed to all traffic’

The route, which connects KZN with Gauteng, has been shut off to traffic due to ‘safety and security issues. Both aforementioned provinces have witnessed widespread rioting since Saturday, and the death toll has risen to 26. Scenes of absolute anarchy emerged shortly after Jacob Zuma was sent to prison last week.

Ramaphosa suggests ‘food, medicine shortages’ may emerge

On Monday evening, President Ramaphosa warned that the ongoing carnage is likely to disrupt supply chains for both food and medicine in SA, causing a shortage that could absolutely devastate an already fragile nation.

“These disruptions will cost lives by cutting off the supply chains that sustain our food, health, and production systems. We will soon face food and medication shortages and insecurity in the coming weeks. The vaccine programme is also likely to lag behind if there’s no recourse. The path of looting and anarchy leads to more violence and the loss of life.”

When will the N3 highway reopen?

Thania Dhoogra, a spokesperson for the N3 highway, says the road won’t reopen until the situation has stablised.

“Due to the ongoing threat of violent protests and in the interest of the safety and security of staff, services, and road users, the entire N3 highway from Cedara in KZN to Heidelberg South in Gauteng has now been closed to traffic.”

“This is following the renewed threat to security, personnel has now been evacuated from all toll plazas on the route, motorists are advised to avoid N3 highway route in its entirety until the situation has stabilised.” | Thania Dhoogra


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