If you need to move funds out of South Africa using a specialist provider can really help simplify the process. You could also make significant savings. 

Transferring funds from South Africa to the UK  

Chris Wrench used Currencies Direct to move money out of South Africa in 2021. His story shows just how much difference personal support and expert guidance can make. 

Chris sold a house in South Africa and needed to make a ZAR/GBP currency transfer to move the funds to the UK. 

He wasn’t sure how best to go about this but the lawyer who dealt with the sale of his property recommended Currencies Direct

Why did you decide to use Currencies Direct? 

I used Currencies Direct because of an excellent recommendation from a trusted source. Opening an account with them was very easy indeed. In fact, it was far easier than expected. 

For you, what were the main benefits of the service? 

It was completely hassle free and I enjoyed total peace of mind. Additionally there were no additional or hidden charges. 

How have you found working with the Currencies Direct team? 

Amazing, personalised support from a team of obviously very experienced professionals. I would recommend them unequivocally, they provide fabulous customer service. 

If I had any questions the service was prompt and my queries were answered to my complete satisfaction. 

Why would you recommend Currencies Direct? 

What I like about Currencies Direct is that there is always someone to help answer any and every concern and question. I received regular phone calls throughout the transfer process and received, without fail, responses to my email enquires within hours of sending. One couldn’t ask or wish for a better customer service. Currencies Direct certainly have the personal touch.

If you need to make an international payment and want to make your funds go further, get in touch with the team at Currencies Direct and have a chat about your requirements. Email infosa@currenciesdirect.com or call +27 (0) 21 418 0105. Currencies Direct have been providing market-leading currency transfer services since 1996 and employ over 500 currency experts. 


Presh JM Reporter

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