Mitchell’s Plain tragedy: ‘Multiple children’ shot in fatal gang violence

Chilling news is reaching us from the Cape Flats, after reports emerged about the tragic consequences of gang warfare on the streets of Mitchell’s Plain. It’s understood that one of the warring factions opened fire near Imperial Primary School.

Mitchell’s Plain gang shooting: Latest news and updates

A hail of bullets was sprayed across Cadillac Street, and the motive for the attack is yet unknown. Unfortunately, several youngsters were caught in the crossfire. At this stage, we are awaiting confirmation from SAPS about the final death toll: At least one of the children has been killed – with some unverified reports now suggesting the number is higher.

Ricardo Mackenzie serves in the Western Cape Parliament. The elected official took to Twitter on Friday morning, to share his heartfelt condolences with the families in Mitchell’s Plain. He lamented this ‘horrible’ incident, branding it a ‘sad day for Cape Town’. The shooting is certainly weighing heavy on local authorities.

‘At least two children shot dead’ – reports

A police investigation is well underway. So far, we understand that two cars were involved in the gang shooting before they sped off. One of the victims, meanwhile, was aged just 13. Disturbing reports have also emerged, claiming that medical staff couldn’t even get into this part of Mitchell’s Plain due to the high levels of violence and hostility towards outsiders.

  • – This is a developing story and we will publish any further updates we get later in the day


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