The Minister of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries, Barbara Creecy, confirmed on 31 July 2020 that overnight accommodation for hunters will be permitted during Alert Level 3 lockdown.

Amended regulations for hunters

Amended lockdown regulations in terms of the Directions for the Biodiversity Sector for Alert Level 3 will now make provision hunters to stay overnight at their hunting destinations. Creecy said:

“Permitting hunters to sleep over at their hunting destinations, within the province in which they live, is in line with this week’s Cabinet decision to ease restrictions around leisure travel”.

In line with the new regulations, the Department of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries saw it fit to amend the Directions for the Biodiversity Sector. The updated amendments will be published in due course.

Leisure purposes allowed under Level 3 lockdown

This follows after the minister of tourism confirmed on Thursday 30 July that South Africans will be allowed to leave home for leisure purposes. However, these activities must take place in the province where they live.

In addition, South Africa’s botanical gardens will open from 3 August 2020, allowing members of the public access “for exercise purposes only”, as per the Amended Directions for the Department of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries in Government Gazette 43564

Minister Creecy said that SA’s botanical gardens “have been closed to the public for months,” and added that reopening the gardens “will allow those who frequent for exercise to again enjoy the privilege”.

Access to botanical gardens permitted under these conditions

However, any access will be subject to strict COVID-19 health protocols. That means that the no social gatherings, picnics or public events will be permitted. Creecy added:

Business conferences and meetings limited to 50 people [in restaurants], excluding those who participate via electronic platforms, may be allowed under controlled conditions outlined in government regulations that promote health protocols for such gatherings”.

Daily access to the botanical gardens will be monitored, and limited once the safe carrying capacity for the area has been reached.  All visitors will be required to wear cloth face masks, be temperature screened, and complete a tracing register.

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