Consider this a 24-hour warning: Gauteng residents have been cautioned about possible water shortages starting on Wednesday 21 April, after a major union announced that workers would be downing tools from tomorrow.

What time will the strike start?

As of 8:00, allied employees from the South African Municipal Workers Union (SAMWU) are set to take industrial action, following a row about the payment of ‘performance-related bonuses’. According to those organising the strike, ‘taps will run dry in all areas’ that get their supply from Rand Water…

“The decision that we have taken as SAMWU to go on strike is a painful one: Taps will definitely run dry in all areas that are serviced by Rand Water. However, this is noble, justifiable, and well within our rights. We will not allow the employer to bully workers by unilaterally changing employees’ conditions of service without any consultation whatsoever.”

No water for Gauteng? Union vows major strike on Wednesday

Meanwhile, Rand Water has acknowledged the contentious plans, and defied the claims made by SAMWU. Officials working for one of the biggest suppliers in Gauteng say that they will still be able to ‘provide a bulk of water for residents’ – regardless of threats made. However, it’s more than likely that *some* disruption will be felt in the province this week.

  • You can read the full statement from Rand Water here:

“Rand Water has received written notification from SAMWU of its intention to strike from 8:00 on Wednesday 21 April. The Union says the dispute is over a failure by the organisation to pay its employees performance-related bonuses.”

“Mindful of the pandemic and our service delivery mandate, Rand Water would like to inform the public that we have systems in place to supply a bulk to our customers. We remain committed to engaging with the union to reach a resolution.” | Rand Water statement about the SAMWU strike, issued on Monday 19 April


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